All this work for nothing!

Have you ever put a ton of effort into a sport, class, project, job or something to only result in losing, failing, or having no-one notice?  It would almost appear as if there was so much time spent for absolutely no return or even negative consequences. This interesting article that I read last week in the New York Times describes just that. 

If you want to read it all you can check it out here New York Times Article

Ultimately there was a group of people packing up their lives for a year of being on a tv show similar to survivor.  Their goal was to go live in the wilderness to start a civilization from scratch all while being filmed.  Some dropped out right away but 12 stuck with it for a year.  Only the catch was when they returned they learned that only 4 episodes were aired on tv before it was canceled. 

A full year of their life wasted and spent for what appeared to be nothing. Can you imagine the frustration and worthless feeling that they must have had.Here is a thought.  What are you pouring your time and energy into right now in your life?  Is it worth it.  Do some say it is meaningless. Do some say its a waste of time?

Ultimately it is only a waste of time and vain effort if we ourselves believe it to be.  Reality is that sometimes we invest and pour a lot of energy into something that is a complete waste of time.  We should step back and think about that once in a while asking the right questions and do some deep searching.

These people from the gameshow could very well think that they just wasted a year of their lives, but is it really a waste if the time invested actually taught them something, or changed some negative circumstance in their life. I know it seems cliche to say there is always good results no matter how negative the situation.Whether you are in the same situation feeling like you have just wasted a ton of time and energy in a relationship, friendship, sports season, or academics, take a step back and look for what you can take away from that situation so it was not all in vein. Ask the question, what am I investing my time and energy into, and is it worth it even if things don’t turn out the way I think they will.

Sometimes asking the right questions even when its hard or when the answer may cause some change in life is exactly what we need to do.


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