Dear Friends,

At the end of the year, we take time to consider what really matters. We hold our families close, express thanksgiving for our blessings, and pour into our communities to likewise bless others. Here at Armory Youth Project, we have had an incredible year launching our services; but we, too have taken some time to consider the heart of our mission.

We watched this video of a former foster teen, Josh Shipp, sharing his story. It rocked our entire perception of serving teens.  The most powerful moment was when he shared most adults see teens as statistics: statistics of drug use, juvenile crime, homelessness and more.

He was on the fast track to be one of those statistics when one caring adult came alongside him and said:

“I don’t see you as a problem. I see you as an opportunity.”

Every teen is ONE DECISION away from being a STATISTIC


Every teen is ONE CARING ADULT away from being a SUCCESS STORY

Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child released research that every child who winds up doing well has had at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive adult.

Here at Armory Youth Project, we have always believed teens are not problems, but opportunities. They are our future: community leaders with the fresh perspective and energy to change our community in amazing ways. Yet this season we feel the urgency, more than ever, to reach youth in our area with a relationship with that one, caring adult.

There are only 261 weeks before a 13-year-old teen becomes a legal adult at 18.

When a teenager enters our doors, we have less than 261 weeks to earn trust and build relationships with them before they turn 18 and begin making critical life decisions.

When that teen turns 16, we will have only 104 weeks. The clock is ticking. The time is now. We cannot afford to miss our most precious opportunities.

We cannot do it alone. That’s why, this season, we are looking 261 community partners to sponsor our operations. We are one of the only youth services providers in the country with absolutely no fees for teens and their families; it is our goal to keep money from ever creating a barrier for teens in need.

There are many ways to give. Learn more here to see how different gifts are used directly to impact youth.

Or, become that one caring adult changing the life of a teen. We are in immediate need of volunteers to staff our open hours. Just 1-2 hours a week, or even a month, allows us more time for students to have a safe place to connect with caring adults.

Thank you for joining with us in empowering teens. Armory Youth Project is a project of partnerships; the result of a community that cared enough to see teens as opportunities and act on that belief. Without you, we would not exist or be able continue to support teens in making their own success stories.

Thank you for your role in transforming lives and building a brighter future for our community!

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