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New registration process enhances safety & security.

Our registration process has been improved.  All students, including those who were registered in the past, must complete the new registration and waiver process which requires a parent or guardian signature. 


We also have a new security/access system that allows each student to swipe their card to access the Armory and lets the Armory staff know who is in the facility at all times. 


The Armory is following State of Michigan, CDC guidelines and Department of Health guidelines to help ensure a safe and secure environment. For more information on our COVID-19 response guidelines, click here.


Easy 2 Step Registration Process:

1. Click on registration link online:

Parent/Guardian complete the online registration form. Click HERE.
(If needed, parents can fill out the form in person at the Armory - contact us to set up a time.)

​2. Then, go to the program page and find a program you want to attend.


Sign up for the program, and show up!

When the student arrives for the first time at the Armory :

  1. Student photo will be taken for registration database.

  2. Registration information will be verified with student/parent/guardian.

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