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The AYP's registration process enhances safety & security.

All students, including those who were registered in the past, must complete the Discover You Pre-Survey by June 1st. 


Easy 2-Step Registration Process:

1. New Student Online Registration


Parent/Guardian complete the online registration form. Click the "New Student Registration & Waiver Form" below.
(If needed, parents can fill out the form in person at the Armory - contact us to set up a time.)

Then, visit the program page to sign up for programs!

2. AYP & Discover You

Social & Emotional

The Armory Youth Project provides FREE out of school programming and meals for youth in grades 6-12. Our mission is to provide a safe environment where young people can build community and be encouraged in their educational, emotional, physical and Christian spiritual development.


The Armory Youth Project will utilize Discover You™ as a curriculum to expand the Emotional Pillar programming to help build confidence, strong self-awareness, and respect for oneself and others.


The Armory Youth Project will provide experiential learning by integrating character strength activities into regular programming. Weekly subject engagement opportunities will be provided to volunteers and staff. Focused programming and discussions will play a crucial role in the developmental success of students.


Subject matter includes growth mindset, self-management, social awareness, conflict resolution, character strengths, forgiveness, courage and so much more. Discover You™ programs are unique and intended to have an impact individually or stacked with other programs.

Scan the QR Code or click the link below to take the Discover You Pre-Survey!

All students must complete the pre-survey. Post surveys will be collected at the end of the year. For questions or to opt out of the survey, contact Janice at 231.299.1205.

Discover You - Pre Survey QR code.jpg
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