Our volunteers are very important to us. We will respect your availability and your time. We will make every effort to find each volunteer a position using their strengths and doing what they love. If you have questions, concerns, or feel unfulfilled where you are volunteering, do not hesitate to contact us. We will work with you as we strive to ensure all volunteers will love to be part of OUR team!


Joining our volunteer team is as simple as an application, background checks, and quick orientation. However, just as we strive to empower our teens to be the best they can be, we want to empower volunteers in reaching the next level.
AYP provides free, professional level trainings on relevant topics for volunteers. While not required, we strive to offer relevant courses that make leadership development doable and enjoyable on topics including mental health basics, responding to someone in crisis, communications techniques, and more. Each training comes with its own professional level certificate, recognition, and perks. We believe in great volunteers, and have partnered with local businesses to offer awesome incentives, rewards and recognition for leaders who take advantage of these opportunities.
Try out a free training on a topic that interests you, or sign up for multiple to work towards a volunteer level. These tools and skills will empower you in countless situations and be useful for a lifetime!


Do you have a great idea for a program we could run at he Armory Youth Project! We are always looking for passionate people to bring new opportunities to our students and would love to partner with you!

Email us at armoryyouthproject@gmail.com



We believe in great volunteers. We don’t just want to find them, but we want to empower volunteers in their own development and skills. We are working with local businesses to provide great perks and incentives for volunteers to take advantage of our free, professional level trainings. From attendance incentives, prize drawings, and volunteer awards, we strive to reward amazing volunteers who take the time to develop the knowledge and skills to best serve our community.


All AYP volunteers fill out an application, undergo background checks, and complete volunteer orientation before starting. We strive to make the process simple and efficient. We will work with your schedule and preferences to get you started in a position you love!


For our volunteers ready to go to the next level! Listening volunteers complete at least 4 two hour trainings over the course of the year on relevant leadership topics including teen communication, mental health, and more. Listening volunteers will receive free t-shirts that mark them as a safe person ready to listen when teens need to talk through their challenges. These professional level trainings will be offered free of charge to AYP volunteers and look great on a resume!


For people ready to impact our entire community! The listening leader certification involves multiple professional training components related to understanding and responding to major challenges faced by community members. These will include mental health first aid, CPI training, and other relevant topics. This certification provides useful tools for community leaders to better understand and support the people around them. All trainings are free and certified Listening Leaders will receive exclusive t-shirts, gear, and formal recognition in a special event. This certification will not only look amazing on a resume but provide applicable skills that will last a lifetime.